Hey everyone!

As you hopefully know by now, at Devolutions we’re always innovating and finding new ways to serve our community of IT Pros. Well, after months of behind-the-scenes planning, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest and greatest innovation: Devolutions Bank!

Yes, you read that right. We’ve actually PURCHASED A BANK right here in Lavaltrie! While we plan on eventually offering a full suite of financial solutions, here’s what we’ll be offering right off the bat:

1. The “High Interest Devolutions Savings Account” (a.k.a. HIDSA), which is a great place to safely store your funds. Just think of what you’ll do with all of the interest you earn? Here are some cool geeky suggestions.

2. The “Geek-First Mortgage”, which is set at just above prime for qualified borrowers.

3. The “DevoLOANtion” line of credit (LOC)

After the first phase of products, we plan on offering a checking account, wealth management services (because some geeks make a lot of cake!), and more. As always, we’ll be looking for your feedback.

Here’s what our CEO David had to say about this next stage in the company’s evolution:

“I know the whole idea of Devolutions buying a bank will come as something of a surprise to most people, but that’s because strict confidentiality rules prevented us from sharing the news until everything was finalized. This really is a huge step for us, as we strive to establish the world’s very first bank BY GEEKS and FOR GEEKS!”

And to David’s words, I would simply like to add….


 Here’s the Truth

OK, yes, we’re a month late with our April Fool’s Day joke. But we were really busy with a bunch of product launches. And besides, SOME of the story is in fact true!

Which part is that? It’s that we have indeed purchased a bank right here in Lavaltrie. Seriously! Except that it’s an old bank – as in it used to be a bank, but it had closed down a while ago and the building was empty. And since we really needed to find new digs to give us room to work and play -- we’ve jumped from 12 employees to 32 in less than 2 years! – we gave it a look, and figured that it would be the perfect new home.

And so we bought the building, started A LOT of renovating, and we’ll be heading over there very soon with all of our computers, gadgets, toys…and of course, beer!

Come Visit Us!

In October, when the renovations will be done, we’ll be having a party to officially celebrate our new digs. If you plan on being in the Montreal area, please feel free to contact me and we’ll gladly welcome you in our new office.

More pictures to come when the renovation is finished – stay tuned!