Hello RDMers,

Our Desktop applications have a mechanism to extend their capabilities, namely using Add-ons.  This has been in place for a long time.  Although Devolutions has been the principal contributor to the Add-on library, there have been nice contributions from members of our community.

For those of you that haven't used it already, open Tools - Add-on Manager to have this dialog displayed.  In it you will see not only the list of add-ons, but you will also see if a new version is available for an add-on that you have.
In the past, we published add-ons to our library after performing a set of validity and security checks, by using the binary version of a proposed add-on.  This was sufficient at the time, and allowed us to check network, file, system activity, etc.

We now feel that we will serve the community better by performing a full review of the source code.  There are no plans at this time to require all add-ons to be approved by us, but it will be required for the add-ons that we host on our web sites.

Please view this as a collaborative measure, all of our community benefits from having as many add-ons available as possible.  Nothing makes us happier than the community helping itself either through our forums or by providing add-ons.  We will do everything in our power to help you out in providing this kind of service.

Please keep on requesting add-ons using our forum (please follow the procedure described in the sticky topic up top).  For those of you that are so inclined, you could even pick up a request and provide the add-on!

As always, please requests clarifications or offer your comments by using the comment feature below.