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HQ #13 - Three Pro Tips For Managing Your Vaults

This week we have Jessica in the studio to give us some great tips on how to manage and use vaults like a pro in Remote Desktop Manager. Want more tips and tricks?  Let us know what you would like to ...

How To Create a Playlist in Remote Desktop Manager

This how-to video demonstrates how to create, edit, and use playlists in Remote Desktop Manager. Check out our blog article on playlists: <a class = '' href='

HQ - 2019 Roadmap Edition at Devolutions

Want to know where Devolutions is headed in 2019? In this episode of Devolutions HQ, Yann & Max dive into all the product updates, changes, and upcoming new features. For more details, check out our ...

HQ #07 - Three Pro-User Tips from an RDM Expert

In this episode of Devolutions HQ, I have a chance to talk to David Grandolfo, one of our Service Desk Advisors here at Devolutions. I invited him because I knew his extensive sysadmin and IT backgro...

HQ - Winter Hackathon at Devolutions

This week, we treat you to a special tour of the Devolutions offices near Montreal in our beloved little town of Lavaltrie! We are hosting our very own hackathon, where our teams are creatively collab...