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December Poll Result: Which IT and Cybersecurity Investments Do You Want “Santa Cloud” to Give You in 2022?

December Poll Result: Which IT and Cybersecurity Investments Do You Want “Santa Cloud” to Give You in 2022?

“Oh, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why: SANTA CLOUD is coming to town!”

Unlike his better-known colleague Santa Claus, Santa Cloud doesn’t just limit his gift-giving window to one day a year. That really isn’t an efficient use of resources, and it can certainly lead to supply chain bottlenecks (as you can see, he’s very strategic and pragmatic). Instead, Santa Cloud hands out gifts throughout the year — which is a much more sensible and efficient workflow. Plus, he saves a lot in shipping costs.

And so, last month we asked you: Which IT and Cybersecurity Investments Do You Want Santa Cloud to Give You in 2022?

Your Wish Lists

There were many interesting items on your wish lists. Interestingly, most of you want gifts that improve IT security. Here is a snapshot of what you hope Santa Cloud will give you in 2022:


  • Eliminating nasty VPNs that propagate all network traffic and require 10 popup clicks and 5 passwords to get connected (and it would be great if Santa Cloud could provide something to watch this happening live, such as a Nintendo Switch, or something bigger like decent 28" 4k screen).
  • DEVs provided a more secure and less disrupting MFA authentication interface/procedure.
  • For the company to use a better PAM solution.
  • A tool that stops ALL ransomware attacks all over the globe.
  • For everyone to use the Microsoft MFA.
  • The wealth of knowledge of the latest on cybersecurity.
  • Ubiquiti's "UniFi Dream Machine Pro" to add security to a home network.
  • Hardware 2-factor security key: Yubikey 5C NFC USB-C.
  • MFA solution that caters to the MSP and allows us to utilize accounts for 2FA.
  • A good password management solution.
  • Better email security solution to stop ransomware-filled emails.
  • An end to spam, phishing, and other email problems.


  • More coworkers to help spread the workload!
  • More time to do a good job — not so many quick and dirty solutions.
  • High-speed internet at home.


  • An Acer Predator X38 ultra-wide monitor.
  • Larger monitors!
  • A Framework Laptop
  • An Analogue Pocket in black.


  • A lifetime RDM license.
  • More time to play with Devolutions Server.


  • A big turkey and some beer.
  • For the family to get together and enjoy the holiday.

And we must take a moment to note that community member Burak Yavuz’s wish has already come true: he earned the title of IT Manager at work. CONGRATULATIONS BURAK, we are all proud of you!!!

The Winners (Part 1)

You’re all winners because you’ve worked so hard this year — and often under very difficult and stressful situations. But all day (and sometimes all night when bad stuff happens), you rise to the occasion.

No, you probably don’t get the full credit and praise that you deserve from all your colleagues and customers. But it’s likely because they don’t really understand what you do. But that is always the case for experts such as surgeons, engineers, artists — and the list goes on.

Please be assured that everyone here at Devolutions respects and admires your knowledge and ability. And of course, SANTA CLOUD is also a big fan of your efforts. Keep it up in 2022!

The Winners (Part 2)

Now, let’s reveal the two poll participants who were randomly selected to each win a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to AgileGreg and sab66! Please email me at to claim your prize. If you didn’t win, then don’t worry. You will have another chance when we share the first poll question of 2022 — please stay tuned!

Joey Dupont

Greetings! My name is Joey Dupont, and I’m the Digital Marketing Specialist here at Devolutions. I have been here for several years, and am proud to be one of the most senior employees at this great company. I oversee many aspects of our digital marketing program, including email marketing, email automation, partnership relations, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. I am also constantly learning new things about IT and online security. Academically, I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, playing video games, and playing music. I’m always happy to help, and you can contact me directly at

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