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[In The News] Our VP of Business Solutions Maurice Côté Advises MSPs on How to Address Client Concerns About Third-Party Access in ChannelPro Network Article

A new feature article by our VP of Business Solutions, Maurice Côté, has been published by ChannelPro Network.

In the feature article, Maurice provides practical advice to a growing number of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who are facing a difficult challenge; due to security and/or compliance concerns, their clients do not want to grant MSP staff permission to access networks and apps.

To address this challenge in a manner that is both client-friendly and adheres to information security best practices, Maurice recommends that MSPs implement a “never trust, always verify” approach in their clients’ infrastructure. This approach is rooted in four core tools:

  • Account Brokering
  • Connection Manager
  • Bastion Host Server
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solution

Writes Maurice: “As long as there are endpoints and networks, there will be hackers who try to breach them. That is the bad news. But the good news is MSPs that use these tools to implement a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach significantly reduce their clients’ exposure and vulnerability to unauthorized third-party access. This is a win for organizations that clearly — and in many cases urgently — need to avail themselves of the critical services and solutions offered by MSPs. And it is a win for MSPs that expand their client base and enhance their impact.”

The full feature article, in which Maurice dives deeper into each core tool listed above, is available at: No sign-up is required.

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