Yesterday, we looked at January – June here at Devolutions. Today, we’ll continue with a look at July – December.


In July, we focused on security by highlighting how to enable 2FA on your Devolutions Account, announced the integration of Remote Desktop Manager with leading zero-trust service provider Centrify, and shared a tutorial about how to generate self-secured server and client certificates with OpenSSL. And since everyone was getting a bit exhausted with one virtual meeting after another, we looked at 10 ways to deal with virtual meeting fatigue.

We also had fun courtesy of Patrick who created a special “spot the differences” set of illustrations to mark Sysadmin Appreciation Day, and looked at 10 surprising geek facts.


In August, we looked at the massive cybersecurity skills shortage, why segregation of duties is a must for SMBs, and why it’s a big mistake to use the native .Zip crypto in Windows.

For fun, we looked at 5 geeky things to do during a lockdown, and took a look at the history and future of electric vehicles.


In September, we updated our list of the best mobile apps for IT pros in 2020, and updated our list of the most useful websites for IT pros. We also introduced the Devolutions Cybersecurity Guide, announced a new version of Devolutions Password Hub (which is now called Password Hub Business), and shared the Devolutions Server command line interface table. Since the pandemic was, of course, still the biggest news story of the year (or make that the century), we also listed 5 questions that businesses need to answer as employees return to work.

The fun for the month was supplied by Patrick, who created the hilarious Sysadminotaur comic #98 “Media Server”.


After months of hard work, in October we released our new report: the state of Cybersecurity in SMBs in 2020-2021. We also introduced a whole new Wayk ecosystem composed of Wayk Bastion (formerly Wayk Den), Wayk Client, and Wayk Agent, and released the Spanish version of Remote Desktop Manager. On the security front, we looked at how to go passwordless with Remote Desktop Manager and CyberArk, and we highlighted some major social media breaches in 2020.

Once again, we relied on Patrick to supply some fun, and he certainly came through yet again with Sysadminotaur comic #99 “The Cubicles Have Eyes”.


Around here, November is typically our craziest month as we launch several major releases and updates before the end of the year — and this year was no exception! Here is what we introduced: Remote Desktop Manager 2020.3, Remote Desktop Manager for Linux (official version), Password Hub Business 2020.3, Password Hub Personal (a completely new product!), and Wayk Bastion. See? We told you that we were busy! In addition, our VP of Business Solutions Maurice Côté was interviewed by Safety Detectives.

November was also special because Patrick created the 100th Sysadminotaur comic “Utopia”, and we also published a feature interview with Patrick to discuss this amazing milestone and the future of everyone’s favorite comic!


In December, we released the infographic to accompany our State of Password Security in 2020-2021 in SMBs report, with the theme “the good, the bad and the ugly” and we also released the French version of our State of Cybersecurity in 2020-2021 in SMBs report and infographic. We also released Devolutions Server 2020.3, looked at the importance of using a password manager, and listed 8 browser extensions to increase privacy.

For fun, we shared our view of the best holiday songs of all time, and of course, we couldn’t end the year without saying thank you and best holiday wishes to the most important people in our world: YOU, our amazing community.

Well, that’s a wrap! We hope that you enjoyed this look back at 2020 here at Devolutions. Thank you for being part of our journey in this very unusual year. We look forward to connecting with you again in 2021 — we have a lot of good stuff on the way, including David’s 2021 Roadmap. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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