Wow, what a year 2020 has been! In some ways, it seemed to go on and on for a really long time. But in other ways, it felt like it just flew by.

We all experienced a great deal of uncertainty in 2020, and in some ways, our lives and world will never be the same. However, in the midst of chaos, there are still some classic traditions that we can count on to give us stability and comfort — including one of our favorite annual rituals: the Devolutions year in review!

And so, please sit back, play some soothing holiday music in the background, and enjoy this recap of the year that was on Planet Devolutions. We’ll start with part 1 today (January – June), and wrap up with part 2 tomorrow (July – December).


We kicked the year off with yet another important tradition in these parts: our CEO David’s annual Devolutions Roadmap, which highlights the major projects that we have planned for the year ahead. I’m pleased to say that despite the disruption due to the pandemic, our teams came through and achieved every milestone in 2020 — and in some cases, ahead of schedule!

We also looked at 7 types of accounts that all organizations must secure and monitor, invited you to have Devolutions sponsor your IT event, and explored the popular offline mode feature in Remote Desktop Manager. We wrapped up the busy month by releasing Devolutions Password Server 2019.2, which featured a new PAM component.

We had some fun in January as well by listing 10 books that every IT pro should read, and exploring 5 of the most intriguing fan theories.


On the calendar, February is the shortest month — but we managed to get a lot done! For example, we looked at how to prevent breaches caused by negligent employees, and explored the 5 dangers of leaving password management to employees. We also shared the Devolutions Event Roadmap for 2020 (though, unfortunately, the pandemic which erupted in March put the brakes on many of these events).

On the product side, we shared an update on Devolutions Password Server security provider deprecation, and announced that Wayk Den (later renamed Wayk Bastion) users could deploy their own, private server in the cloud or on-premises that was isolated from the global and publicly accessible Wayk Den platform. We also had some great news for all of the Linux fans with the release of an early access preview for Remote Desktop Manager for Linux.

We had some fun with the community as well, including one of our most popular monthly polls ever in which we asked you, “What makes a great workplace?” Patrick also created a really hilarious Sysadminotaur comic that took a LITERAL look at changing credentials in a biometrics world.


Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar was warned to “beware the ides of March”. Well, we could all have used a warning, because in our part of the world, the pandemic erupted and become a full-blown crisis. Just like many other companies around the world, we went to a 100emote workforce in a matter of days, and things were really hectic. Yet this didn’t stop us from being very productive!

For example, in March, we announced that Wayk Now for Linux now features unattended access, we released Remote Desktop Manager 2020.1 that featured 150 additions, enhancements and fixes, and we shared the news that after many months of hard work, we achieved SOC 2 Type II Certification.

Due to the pandemic, we also announced that Wayk Den (which again is now called Wayk Bastion) deployments would automatically be granted an unlimited number of Wayk Now Enterprise subscriptions to connected clients, completely free, for the next 6 months.

Because of the surge in remote working, we also provided 10 tips to stay safe from cyber threats while working from home, and to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, we shined the spotlight on 5 inspirational women in tech. We also shared the results of our “what makes a great workplace?” poll question, and were happy to see that so many of you work for a great company and with amazing people.


Bonjour, parlez-vous français? If you answered oui, then in April, we put a smile on your face by introducing the French version of our blog. We also all invited all of the people affected by Microsoft’s discontinuation of RDCMan to give Remote Desktop Manager a try, updated our list of 10 password management best practices, and looked at ways that the pandemic will permanently change the work landscape.

Speaking of the pandemic, we also provided some resources for remote workers to speed up their VPN, and our April poll question asked you to share your best remote working hacks. We also published an interview featuring our Chief Security Officer Martin Lemay and our Director of Legal Affairs, Risk and Privacy Guillaume Beaupré on their behind-the-scenes experiences of obtaining Devolutions’ SOC 2 Type II Certification.

We also had some fun in April with our list of 7 must-have board games for the workplace, and outlined some of the entertaining and informative content that you’ll find on our YouTube channel. We wrapped up the month with a look at some of the best free online learning platforms. After all, we were spending so much time at home, we might as well get smarter, right?


In May the temperatures in our part of the world started to rise, and the days grew longer and sunnier. That put us in a good mood and gave us energy to get plenty of work done. For example, we updated our comparison of some of the most popular password managers, announced enhanced Wayk Now sessions for Windows, provided advice to help SMBs fight back against hackers who were (and still are) targeting them during the pandemic, and explored the signs of privileged account abuse.

Since the world was shifting to virtual conferences, we also looked at virtual conferences vs. in-person conferences, and provided tips for hosting a virtual conference, as well as attending a virtual conference.

For fun stuff, Patrick created another hysterical Sysadminotaur comic that celebrated a hallowed day on the Geek Calendar: May the 4th. And to mark Geek Pride Day, Patrick created a special illustration that contained some hidden Easter eggs.


June was an unusual month! Usually in the summer, things slow down a little, simply because many people are on vacation. But as we all know, 2020 was not like any other year, and rather than taking a bit of a break, we dialed up the productivity.

For example, we looked at how to automatically configure a VPN for multiple sessions in Remote Desktop Manager, how to configure 1Password in Remote Desktop Manager for Mac, announced that SSH is now supported in Remote Desktop Manager for Linux, and announced that autofill is now supported in Remote Desktop Manager for Android. We also released Remote Desktop Manager 2020.2.

To help everyone who went from having a few video conferences a year to having a few video conference a week (or maybe a day), we compared some popular and free video conference platforms for personal use.

We also had some laughs in June (hey, we all needed something positive to focus on, right?) by sharing 10 big lies in the IT world. We also looked at the results of our fun poll question, “What’s the best gaming console and why?”

As you can see, things were really busy around here during the first half of 2020. But we were just getting started! You can now find the part 2 of our year in review right here!