Want to know what Devolutions is all about and how it can help you control the IT chaos? This video provides an extensive demo of our flagship software, Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), and how it interacts with our various solutions. Real-world scenarios are given, practical features are explained, and common use-case questions and faqs are answered.

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0:00 Intro Screen
0:57 Into to Remote Desktop Manager (RDM)
1:15 A direct replacement for Microsoft's RDCMan
2:30 RDM: The dashboard and interface
4:00 RDM: RDP launching and properties
5:20 RDM: Over 150+ technologies available
6:38 RDM: VPN's and external tools
9:00 RDM: How is data stored?
12:10 RDM: Importing entries from external tools
13:42 RDM: Credential management
15:14 RDM: What makes it such a powerful tool?
17:19 RDM: Auditing tools, logs, and reports
18:15 RDM: Automation tools with PowerShell
19:00 RDM: Password management tools
20:16 RDM: Thumbnails display
21:37 RDM: Customizable features
22:57 RDM: Security features and RBAC
27:33 Overview of Devolutions Server
32:01 Overview of Devolutions Password Hub Business
33:58 Overview of Devolutions Wayk Bastion
36:03 Frequently Asked Questions Section
36:14 Is RDM an RMM Solution?
37:17 How can password managers integrate with RDM?
39:16 How do we improve security with database authentication?
41:32 Can local AD/Azure AD groups be used with RDM?
43:41 What are the best 'first steps' to take when purchasing RDM?
46:39 Is there any documentation concerning security protocols?
48:37 Where can I find resources?

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