We are excited to announce our very special Devolutions Central Online event which takes place Wednesday, November 18 2020. This fun-filled event will be packed with useful product updates, sessions and talks on cybersecurity, Q&A and live chats with the developers and staff as well as the opportunity to hear world renown TEDx speaker Nick Espinosa, participate in a Virtual Escape Room and be wowed by Mentalist Mark Tolland. All this is FREE!!! All you have to do is register, and show up!

Sign up for Devolutions Central Online for FREE: https://devolutions.net/events/devolutions-central

Event Schedule (Available at https://devolutions.net/events/devolutions-central)

- Opening Statement from Devolutions & Keynote with Nick Espinosa 1:03
- Morning Session (Products / Q&A) 2:02
- Lunch - Virtual Escape Room 2:51
- Afternoon Session (Guest Speakers) 3:53
- Afternoon Fun (Guest Mentalist - Mark Tolland) 5:34
- Devolutions Force 7:02
- Final Comments / Event Details 9:32

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