When it comes to remote access, keeping track of who accessed what, when and for how long with proper auditing and reporting is vital to meet security and compliance requirements. This is particularly true for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that frequently connect to machines in separate networks to support their customers. With its Zero Trust approach to security, Wayk Bastion makes it possible to take control without losing it. What if you could replace complex VPN and firewall configurations with a single centralized remote access server that works from anywhere?

About Wayk Bastion

As our Wayk Product Manager Marc-Andre discussed a short while ago, Wayk Bastion is a self-hosted server that enables instant, centralized and standardized remote access management for Zero Trust networks. It works by seamlessly integrating with two complimentary components: Wayk Agent and Wayk Client.

  • Wayk Agent is installed on all machines that are registered for management by Wayk Bastion.
  • Wayk Client is used by technicians to connect to machines that are managed through Wayk Bastion.

Here is a graphic that illustrates the relationship between these three components:


In this example, an MSP deploys a single Wayk Bastion server in a network location that is accessible to all of its customers. All of the machines that are centrally managed in Wayk Bastion have Wayk Agent installed on them. As a result, technicians can use Wayk Client to connect to machines with Wayk Agent through Wayk Bastion.

Other Key Benefits of Wayk Bastion


  • Maintain total control over peer-to-peer traffic with private Devolutions Gateway relay servers.
  • Secure access with strong TLS 1.2 encryption backed by a built-in certificate authority.
  • Leverage the security of container isolation on Windows and Linux.
  • Automatically deploy Wayk Agent on a large number of machines that are registered in Wayk Bastion.

Access Management

  • Register machines for unattended access and connect to them at any time without user intervention.
  • Manage all machines running Windows, MacOS and Linux from all platforms, including Android and iOS, through a centralized and uniform dashboard.
  • Easily manage multiple remote connections simultaneously while quickly navigating between them.

User Management

  • Apply granular control over resources through role assignments on users and groups.
  • Simplify role assignments for a large number of users by organizing them into groups.
  • Map existing users through LDAP integration with Active Directory.

Auditing & Reporting

  • Inspect a session history (e.g. session time, session duration, client and server information, etc.).
  • Know in real-time when a user is accessing a machine.
  • See who connected to which machine, and when.

Remote Support

  • Seamlessly send and receive files as well as copied clipboard data between all machines.
  • Improve communication between technicians and end users with a convenient built-in chat window.
  • Record remote desktop sessions as video files to be reviewed later.

About Licensing

Wayk Bastion is FREE. And Wayk Agent is also FREE, regardless of the number of machines it is installed on. The only license requirement is for Wayk Client. Technicians who have a license can unlock all of the functionality of Wayk Client through the native app, or the web-based client that is built into Wayk Bastion. In addition, Wayk Client licenses can be reassigned between technicians as needed.

We are actively working on improvements that will enable MSPs to support a large number of customers (i.e. tenants) in the same Wayk Bastion. When this improvement is ready, we will launch Wayk Tenant Site, Country and Global licenses. Details will be published in our blog — please stay tuned.

Try Wayk Bastion Now

MSPs need to take control without losing control — and that is exactly what Wayk Bastion delivers! Try it today free for 90 days by clicking here. The free trial includes an instance of the Wayk Bastion self-hosted server plus a Wayk Client Site License that can be used by all technicians at your location.

Tell Us What You Think

We’ve said it before, we’re saying it now, and yes, we’ll say it again and again because it’s so important to us: please tell us what you think! You can write your feedback on our forum or in the comment section. We will use your feedback to make Wayk Bastion better. Tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t, and tell us what you want us to add, change, fix or remove. We are always listening to you!