To help SMBs grasp the scope and dynamic of the current cyber threat landscape — and ultimately make decisions that reduce the likelihood and severity of cyberattacks — Devolutions recently surveyed decision-makers in SMBs worldwide on a variety of relevant topics, including privileged access management (PAM), password management practices, and cybersecurity trends

The State of Cybersecurity in SMBs in 2020 survey report is now available and you can read it here.

Here are some key insights of the survey:

  • While 78% of SMBs consider a PAM solution to be at least somewhat important to their organization’s cybersecurity program, 76% of SMBs do not have a fully deployed PAM solution in place.
  • 62% of SMBs do not conduct a security audit at least once a year, and 14% of SMBs never perform a conduct audit at all.
  • 57% of SMBs say they have experienced a phishing attack in the last three years.

Since October is cybersecurity awareness month, we’d like to continue with the theme of preventing data breaches and leaks by asking you: what is your best cybersecurity advice?

As usual, there are no limits to what you can answer, and you’re invited to share real-life examples from your own experience: the good, the bad, and the ugly (which, by the way, is the theme of the upcoming Infographic for our 2020 State of Cybersecurity in SMBs Report — stay tuned!).

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Good luck and we look forward to your cybersecurity advice!