Now that Wayk 2020.3 has been released, we can discuss the upcoming changes to the licensing structure. This milestone was an important one: Wayk Den became Wayk Bastion, and Wayk Now was split into Wayk Client and Wayk Agent. If you are just learning about those changes, reading the previous blogs in the “A Whole New Wayk” series (see AWNW#1 and AWNW#2) should put things in context.

Wayk Bastion, Wayk Client, Wayk Agent

Let’s review the three major Wayk components and their relationship to clear any confusion:

  • Wayk Bastion is the centralized server where Wayk Agent and Wayk Client connect
  • Wayk Agent is installed on all machines registered for management by Wayk Bastion
  • Wayk Client is used by technicians to connect to machines managed through Wayk Bastion

For instance, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) would deploy a single Wayk Bastion server in a network location reachable by all of its customers. All machines meant to be managed centrally in Wayk Bastion on the customer sites have Wayk Agent installed. Last but not least, technicians use Wayk Client to connect to Wayk Agent through Wayk Bastion. Out of all three, only Wayk Client requires a license.

Wait, Why is my Wayk Client License in Wayk Bastion?

All Wayk licenses need to be installed in Wayk Bastion for centralized management. While the Wayk Bastion server itself is free, technicians need assigned Wayk Client user licenses in order to use it. As such, a Wayk Client license unlocks access to Wayk Client functionality, may it be with the native Wayk Client application or the web-based client available in Wayk Bastion. What matters in the end is being logged in to Wayk Bastion with a licensed Wayk Client user.

Coming up: Wayk Tenant Licenses For Multiple Tenants

As for today, Wayk Bastion doesn’t have the notion of isolated tenants, or separate customers, but we are actively working on it. This type of license is meant for MSPs specifically, as they need to support a large number of customers (tenants) in the same Wayk Bastion. For instance, an MSP with 100 customers would need 100 Wayk Tenant licenses, while a smaller MSP with 10 customers would only need 10. Unlimited tenant / customer access will be offered with the Wayk Tenant Site, Country and Global license types.

Wayk Licensing Key Points to Understand

All Wayk licenses are installed and managed in Wayk Bastion, but Wayk Bastion does not have a license of its own. You need to buy Wayk Client and Wayk Tenant licenses to cover your needs:

  • 1 Wayk Client license = 1 user or technician
  • 1 Wayk Tenant license = 1 tenant or customer

The pricing of the Wayk Tenant license is yet to be announced, but it will become available at the same time as we introduce the notion of tenant (customers) in Wayk Bastion. In the meantime, you can get started by deploying your free Wayk Bastion server, and request a 90-day Wayk Client trial. Please let us know what you think.