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Microsoft Offering Free Microsoft Certification Exam Until October 7

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Since many of you are always looking to advance your knowledge and enhance your resume, we wanted to share that until October 7, 2020, Microsoft is offering a free certification exam to anyone who completes a Microsoft Ignite Cloud skills challenge.

There are six challenges in total for you to choose from:

  • Microsoft Ignite App Maker Challenge: Do you want to create apps to help make your business more efficient? Then this path is for you. It introduces you to Power Apps, helps you create & customize an app, then manage and distribute it.
  • Microsoft Ignite Azure Apps & Infrastructure Challenge: Learn skills to implement, manage, and monitor an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment.
  • Microsoft Ignite Azure Data & AI Challenge: Learn skills to manage on-premises and cloud relational databases built on top of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure data services.
  • Microsoft Ignite Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Challenge: Start with this learning path to see how Dynamics 365 apps are used. Learn about cloud concepts, Power Platform, and how to get started with Dynamics 365 apps.
  • Microsoft Ignite Microsoft Teams Challenge: Get an introduction to the features and capabilities of Microsoft Teams, learn how to upgrade your environment from Skype for Business, and start preparing for certification.
  • Microsoft Ignite Security Challenge: Learn skills to manage data risk, secure identities & respond to increasingly complex threats with Microsoft Security, Identity and Compliance solutions.

You do NOT have to complete all six challenges to get a free certification exam. You only need to complete one challenge. However, each time you complete a challenge you’ll increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize, which is a meeting with a Microsoft leader (you can invite up to four friends). In addition, 100 people will win the opportunity to select one of four virtual experiences with a group of Microsoft personalities from Microsoft Ignite.

Next Steps

To start, visit this page and choose your challenge: Note that you will need a Microsoft Learn account, and “notifications” must be toggled on in your profile. If you don’t have a Microsoft Learn account, then creating one is free.

Happy learning, and remember that the offer of a free Microsoft certification exam ends October 7 at 7:00am UTC.

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