After taking a look at some command lines that you can use in Devolutions Password Server, I thought we should do the same with Devolutions Password Hub. Hey, I don’t want to make anyone jealous. And I love DPS just as much as I love DPH!

Devolutions Password Hub CLI

  1. Start by downloading the Devolutions Password Hub CLI companion tool. This is a Windows command prompt app that lets you create and edit vault entries.
  2. When the download has finished, launch the installation wizard.
  3. Click “Next” to select an installation folder location, and then click “Finish” to complete the installation.

Note 1: Windows needs to know the path where the DPH CLI is located. If the system is unable to find it, then click here and follow the steps.

Note 2: If you’re using a 2FA with Devolutions Password Hub, then unfortunately, the CLI app won’t work at the moment. Our team is working hard to fix this.

How to Use the Devolutions Password Hub CLI

Once installed, you’ll be able to use Password Hub CLI through a Windows command prompt, or in batch text file (.bat) as an administrator. You’ll also need to provide some information, such as the VaultID, Name, Host, etc. To find the VaultID, simply select a vault and this information will display in the website address bar.

Here is a table with some basic DPH command line options and their associated descriptions:


And here’s a complete list of ALL available command line options that you can use with the Password Hub CLI:


Here are some command line examples:

Add Entry

Add-Entry-Document -VaultID 211a1ddd-c97f-4255-ae2f-679f39 -Name "Document CLI5" -File "C:\Users\sreault\Desktop\Work Stuff\WallpaperFolder\_downloadfiles_wall.jpg"


Update-Entry-SSHPortForward -ID 4270a-0860-49c0-83d7-7e781c35c -Host 192.333.11.1 -HostPort 1234 -Username david -Password komodo123 -Domain 123456789 -Name FixedForward

I hope you find this information helpful. If you regularly use command lines with DPH, please comment below.