Being a SysAdmin is difficult — especially since most folks who aren’t SysAdmins have no idea what SysAdmins do. They just know that SysAdmins do “techie stuff”, which is like saying that surgeons do “operating stuff” and pilots do “airplane stuff”.

But hey, if you’re a SysAdmin, don’t let this lack of understanding get you down. We know how vital you are. Heck, if you weren’t there making sure systems, networks, devices, and apps were safe and secure, the whole company would come to a grinding halt; end users would be screaming and hiding under their desks, and your many bosses would be begging you to save the day.

Speaking of saving the day, for the August poll, we have an interesting question for all of the SysAdmins out there: in your opinion, what are the protocols that all SysAdmins MUST know?

Is it DNS? TCP? DHCP? SSL? LDAP(S)…or something else? Please share your response below. Remember, we’re talking about the essential protocols that SysAdmins MUST know. In other words, if you go up to a SysAdmin and say, “hey, do you know all about [protocol]?” and he or she says no, then you have the right to banish them from the SysAdmin Kingdom.

We’ll post the responses in early September and create a master list of essential protocols.

You Could Win

Simply by participating in the poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards.

Thank you in advance for participating and we look forward to your responses!