As you may know, SysAdmin Appreciation Day falls on July 31. To celebrate this special day on the Geekian Calendar, we will be publishing some content and comics with a camping theme.

Why camping? Well, because we’ve all been stuck at home for months, the idea of escaping into the wild (albeit a safer version of wilderness with a little store nearby that sells junk food) sounds really great.

And along the same lines, for the poll question this month we’d like to know: what’s your best camping trip story?

As always, there are no limits to the responses. Perhaps your best camping trip story is full of excitement and adventure. Or maybe you fell in love with your significant other while roasting marshmallows (mmmmm…marshmallows) over a fire. Or maybe once you unzipped your tent in the morning and found that a family of bears was enjoying a picnic in your campsite.

“Hey, I’ve Never Been Camping!”

If you have yet to experience life in the great outdoors beneath the stars and alongside the mosquitoes, then please share your dream camping trip. Would you love to go hiking or stay in one place? Or maybe you’d like to go “glamping” (i.e. glamorous camping), complete with Wi-Fi access, a portable cappuccino machine, outdoor pizza oven, and so on.

You Could Win

Simply by participating in this month’s poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. That’s enough to buy a 2-person dome tent or a LED lantern flashlight. Or if you’d prefer to stay home, maybe you can stream or buy the hilarious 80’s movie “The Great Outdoors” starring Dan Aykroyd and John Candy, which is about a camping trip that goes very, very wrong.