Keeping your Wayk Now installation up to date is the best way to get all the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. We're making this easier than ever for our Windows users by enabling automatic background updates.

Starting with Wayk Now 2020.2.0, the background service that supports unattended access will check every day for a new release. If found, the latest version will be downloaded and quietly installed, keeping your installation current with no interaction needed. But don't worry: if you're using Wayk Now – either as a client or as a server – the update will be postponed until a more convenient time.


To benefit from the new behavior, you don’t need to do anything – Wayk Now 2020.2.0 may be the last version you will manually install! Should you wish to opt-out of automatic updates, it can easily be done via the Options window. Simply unlock the system settings by pressing Unlock, then uncheck Automatically in the background under Check for Updates. You'll also find the When opening Wayk Now checkbox in this section. This controls the old school update check (and optional install using Windows PowerShell) when you launch Wayk Now.

Power users and system administrators can toggle the new option AutoUpdateEnabled using our command line tools, but please remember to restart the Wayk Now unattended service afterwards. You can also opt in or out at install time by passing the "ENABLEAUTOUPDATES" argument to msiexec (setting it to "1" or "0", respectively).

Automatic updates are only available when deploying Wayk Now using the .msi (Windows Installer), and for now are Windows-only. We'll bring this functionality to our macOS and Linux clients in a future release.

We hope this empowers you by putting all the latest features and improvements in your hands, but tell us what you think. Our product and development teams look forward to your feedback and comments in the forum!