The ancient Greek playwright Sophocles once wrote, “A lie never lives to be old.” This may be the case in many situations and scenarios — but not in the IT world.

That’s because there are some falsehoods that have been around for years and years and will probably remain alive until the end of time. Here’s a look at 10 of the most common lies in the IT world told by bosses and end users:

  • “Relax – your workload increase is only temporary.”
  • “You’ll be compensated for all of your extra time and work.”
  • “You might have to do some after-hours and weekend on-call work, but don’t worry, it hardly ever happens.”
  • “Sorry, budgets are pretty tight this year, but things should be better next year.”
  • “The developers need root.”
  • “This install is just temporary; we’ll clean it up later.”
  • “I didn’t touch or do anything. My computer just stopped working by itself.”
  • “I have no idea how this malware got on my computer.”
  • “It must be super easy and fun working in IT. All I ever see you guys doing is fiddling around on your computers. I could do that!”
  • “I rebooted already.”

Your Turn

Have you been on the receiving end of one, some, or maybe all of these lies? Or have you heard some other lies in your career that still have you shaking your head? Please comment below. We can all laugh and cry together.