Geek Pride Day is the perfect day to celebrate our geeky side. It’s also the perfect day to make everything as geeky as possible!

When we discussed our theme for this year’s event, our goal was to show as many geeky things as possible. And so Patrick Desilets, the creative genius behind the Sysadminotaur comic strip and animated short, designed a very special image and inserted 26 EASTER EGGS! These are hidden references from the geek world, such as TV shows, video games, gadgets, and so on. It’s a bit like watching Ready Player One.

According to Patrick:

  • 17 of the easter eggs are somewhat easy to find. They aren’t super obvious, but you should be able to find them after a little while.
  • 7 of the easter eggs are quite difficult. If you find these, then you’re a next-level geek.
  • 2 of the easter eggs are extremely tough to find. Basically, you need to be a Jedi or The Oracle from the Matrix movies to spot them.

We’ll reveal all 26 of the easter eggs next Friday. Good luck!