A few days ago, we published a special illustration by Sysadminotaur creator Patrick, which featured 26 Easter eggs from the geek world. Now we can share the much-anticipated answers.

***WARNING: If you haven’t had a chance to find all 26 Easter eggs, then don’t go any further. As Gandalf would say: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!***

Below are 17 of the somewhat easy Easter eggs:

  1. Pac-Man ghost
  2. Death Star in construction on the 3D printer
  3. Totoro plush toy on the top shelf
  4. Mario question box next to Totoro
  5. USS Enterprise in the neon display
  6. Star Destroyer in the neon display
  7. Ghost trap from Ghostbusters on top of the neon display
  8. Superman poster on the left
  9. Batman poster below the Superman poster
  10. Duff beer in the fridge
  11. Roomba with googly eyes stickers
  12. R2D2 figurine in the bookshelf
  13. Company of Heroes on the computer screen on the left
  14. Eagle-5 Winnebago from Spaceballs on the computer screen on the right
  15. The (fictional) Donkey Kong/Space Invaders crossover arcade machine
  16. Gandalf's pipe from LOTR in the bookshelf
  17. Sysadminotaur calendar on the wall, right side

Here are the 7 rather difficult Easter eggs:

  1. The large synthesizer is loosely based on a Moog Modular. The keyboard, however, is non-canon.
  2. The board game on the bottom right is loosely inspired by the Pandemic board game.
  3. The microphone looks like a blue yeti.
  4. The character directly below Totoro on the bookshelf is a generic extra inspired by Game of Thrones (John Snow's distant cousin Billy Bob Snow!)
  5. The video game on the large monitor is loosely based on League of Legends.
  6. The little planet on the bookshelf is simply some kind of moon. No hidden reference here: IT WAS A DECOY!
  7. There is a George Foreman grill at the top of the pile of appliances (this is hard to see, and if you got it you should take a bow).

Here are the 2 ridiculously difficult Easter eggs (you need to increase your screen’s brightness):

  1. There is an X-wing in the top right corner.
  2. The Planet Express ship from Futurama is in the bottom right corner, above the board game.

How Many Did You Get?

We hope you had fun hunting for Easter eggs. How many did you get? Please share your results and comments below.