Wayk Now has been replaced by Wayk Bastion. Please follow this link to learn more about Wayk Bastion: Instant Remote Access for Zero Trust Networks.

Wayk Now introduced unattended access for Windows 18 months ago, allowing you to administer a computer without the assistance – or even the presence – of a remote user. More recently, we added unattended access for Linux computers. But with Wayk Now 2020.1.6, we have launched a whole new way to connect to your Windows machines.

Currently, when you connect to an unattended Windows machine using Wayk Now, what do you see? If a user is logged in – either locally or remotely through RDP – you will be connected to their session. If multiple users are logged in, we make a best guess at the session you're interested in based on recent activity. And if no one is logged in? You see the logon screen exactly as if you had walked up to the computer in person.

Now, when connecting to a Windows computer that’s running Wayk Now 2020.1.6, you can choose your preferred type of login session. Under the hood, we’ve taught Wayk Now to tap into Windows' native terminal server features. And for the real techies out there, you may be interested to know we're using IronRDP, Devolutions' open source implementation of the RDP protocol, written in the Rust Programming Language.

You can determine the kind of session you want in the Wayk Now Options window. Simply select the Advanced tab, and then select the login session you’d like in the click-down menu under the Session heading. Look for Session settings to be given their own page – with more options – in a subsequent release.


Requesting Active Session is the default session, and it sticks to the status quo – i.e. we'll try to direct what you see based on what's happening on the remote computer. If you select Request Physical Session, you'll see and interact with exactly what is on the physical display of the remote computer, as though you were sitting in front of it.

The last option is the most exciting: if you select Request Virtual Session, a login session will be created specifically for your user on the remote computer. If needed, we'll even create the new session and log you in, just like Windows RDP.

The icing on the cake? By utilizing virtual sessions, we can now support multiple concurrent Wayk Now sessions on a single computer. Each Wayk Now session can be connected to a different login session, simultaneously! Be advised, however, that connections which leverage this functionality are subject to the same licensing restrictions as Microsoft Remote Desktop. This means you need to have sufficient RDS CALs on Windows Server, which is a feature that is absent on Windows Home editions.