If you’re working remotely due to the coronavirus crisis, then you probably have mixed emotions. On the one hand, you’re glad that you can keep your job and stay productive. On the other hand, you’re probably exhausted and overwhelmed. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Well, that’s where we can help!

As you hopefully know, our solutions are built to increase security and support compliance — and both of these are vital. But it’s not the full story. Our solutions also drive efficiency to help you get more done in less time. Here is a snapshot of our solutions:

Remote Desktop Manager

The Problem: You’re wasting time because your remote connection information is all over the place in spreadsheets, emails, your phone, etc.

The Solution: Install Remote Desktop Manager and store all login credentials (as well as any other relevant machine information) in a convenient, centralized location that you can access from anywhere via PC or mobile device. Use the Free version if you’re a solo IT professional, and the Enterprise version if you work on a team. Learn more.

Wayk Now & Wayk Den

The Problem: You’re wasting time trying to teach colleagues or clients how to install, configure or fix software-related issues over the phone and through email. You’re getting stressed out. They’re getting stressed out.

The Solution: Install Wayk Now and take command of a remote computer, so that you can do in two minutes what it might take a non-technical end user two hours to do (presuming they don’t break something first).

And what if you need to securely access machines inside and outside of your network? In that case, simply install Wayk Den, which is our centralized server for Wayk Now that can be hosted on-premises or self-hosted within your cloud infrastructure. Learn more.

Devolutions Password Hub

The Problem: You’re wasting time searching for passwords for your multiple business accounts and/or requesting login access.

The Solution: Install Devolutions Password Hub and automatically log into websites directly through a simple web app. And since the cloud-based solution is always connected, synchronized and shared in real time with each user, you can access passwords anytime, anywhere. Learn more.

“But Wait, There’s More!”

You can use each of the solutions described above individually, or you can integrate them to enhance efficiency even more. For example, you can store credentials in a secure vault in Devolutions Password Hub and instantly get the information you need when running a Wayk Now/Wayk Den session. Everything is available to you, regardless of whether you’re at the corporate office or in your home office.

The bottom line? Our solutions can help you get more done in less time — and avoid getting overwhelmed and exhausted. It’s just another way that we empower you to control the IT chaos!