As you know, we are constantly improving Devolutions Password Server (along with our other products) by adding new features, functions and tools.

However, we have received requests — primarily from larger organizations — that they would like the option to maintain or revert to an established version vs. being automatically upgraded to the latest version. In response to this, I’m pleased to introduce Devolutions Password Server LTS.

About Devolutions Password Server LTS

Simply put, Devolutions Password Server LTS (Long-Term Support) is a highly stable version that has been available for several weeks or months. It is an alternative to the latest version, which while rigorously tested, is nevertheless new and may (or may not) require some adjustments and refinements.

Where to Find It

You can find Devolutions Password Server LTS exactly where you’d expect to: on the main Devolutions Password Server download page: Currently, the LTS version is 2019.1.20.0. This will be updated periodically as new versions are released and older versions slot into the “very established and verified stable” category.

Tell Us What You Think

If your organization uses Devolutions Password Server LTS, please tell us what you think by commenting below. Please also let us know if you want us to extend this approach to Devolutions Password Hub, Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise, and Wayk Now Enterprise. We are always listening to you and working hard to help you secure and control the IT chaos.