Wayk Den is our cloud service that supports peer-to-peer connectivity over the Internet, so that you can access a remote computer outside of your network. Today, I’m pleased to share that after many requests, the Wayk Den Free edition is now available! As a result, you can deploy your own private server in isolation from the global, publicly accessible Wayk Den. And yes, it’s 100% free for commercial use!


Getting Started

To deploy your private server, you’ll need a Wayk Now Enterprise license. If you don’t currently have one, then you have two options:

  1. Request a Wayk Now Enterprise free trial.
  2. Follow our getting started guide with Argo tunnels. This enables a special demo mode that makes Wayk Den function as if it was supported by a Wayk Now site license.

Once you have a Wayk Now Enterprise license (or are using the special demo mode), then go to the Wayk Den GitHub repository, where you’ll find “getting started” guides with screenshots. Wayk Den is distributed as a PowerShell cmdlet on PSGallery that manages Windows and Linux containers. This means that it has native, first-class support for both Windows and Linux environments. I also encourage Windows administrators to consult the guide on how to deploy Wayk Den on a Windows Server 2019 Core + Containers virtual machine!

If you aren’t familiar with PowerShell, please note that all you need is to run a few commands for the initial configuration. After this, Wayk Den can be managed entirely from the Web interface.

What About Relay Servers?

Wayk Den is configured by default to use the same relay servers as our public Wayk Den deployment. While this is fine for most use cases, if you wish to avoid using our relay servers, then please consult the relay servers “getting started guide”. With this in mind, we encourage all customers to deploy their own relay servers, as some of the features we have planned for the future will require this.

What About Wayk Den Enterprise?

We are currently working on Wayk Den Enterprise, which will offer many advanced server features, such as proxy-based session recording (just like Wayk Now’s client-based session recording). However, rest assured that once Wayk Den Enterprise has been released, you will not lose any of the Wayk Den Free features that you’re familiar with. In other words, you will NOT have to upgrade (although of course you can if you wish!).

What’s Our Plan for 2020?

Our approach for 2020 is to use a relatively short release cycle (about a month) for publishing incremental updates to Wayk Den, rather than releasing in larger feature batches. This will enable us to get more features in your hands sooner, and to establish a faster feedback cycle.

Tell Us What You Think

We hope that you enjoy this update. Please send us your feedback, either by commenting below or posting in our forum. We are always listening to you!