If you are planning on holding an IT-related meetup, user group, workshop, seminar, vendor showcase, or any other type of gathering, then we’d love to sponsor your event! Here are the basic details on our Sponsorship Program:

  • Cost: There is no cost to you at all. Participating in our Sponsorship Program is free!
  • Size: Your IT event can be of any size, from small gatherings to large groups.
  • Offer: We will provide free product licenses for your participants.
  • Ask: We simply ask that you inform your participants that Devolutions is sponsoring your event, and that we have provided free licenses. If you wish, we can also provide you with a PowerPoint presentation that highlights our solutions. Or better yet, if you’re near our headquarters, or if our traveling conference team is in your part of the world during your event, we can attend in person!

Where Do I Sign?

You don’t actually need to sign anything. Instead, we ask you to contact us at team@devolutions.net with the details of your event. We will follow up with you and provide additional information.