Last year at Devolutions, we had the honor and privilege of welcoming new customers, new team members, new products, and of course, an amazing new Sysadminotaur animated short. For a deeper look at some of the announcements, events, news and fun stuff that took place in 2019, please check out Max’s year in review.

Today, it’s my pleasure to continue another Devolutions tradition: our annual roadmap. This is our yearly look ahead at some of the major developments that we have planned for our suite of products, and for our company overall. I am proud to say that thanks to the talents, dedication and hard work of my great colleagues, we have a very good track record of achieving almost 100% of our roadmap goals on time.

Please join me as we look ahead to what’s in store for 2020:

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager will always have a special place in our organization — and a special place in my heart — because it’s the product that started it all! Of course, Remote Desktop Manager has come a long, long way since the early days, and it’s impossible to compare today’s vastly superior product to the initial editions. But what has never changed (and will never change) is our commitment to making Remote Desktop Manager as secure, functional, versatile, efficient and useful as possible.

This year, we’ll be enhancing the integration between Remote Desktop Manager and two of our other products: Wayk Now and Devolutions Password Hub. In addition, we’re getting very close to releasing the much-anticipated full version of Remote Desktop Manager for Linux.

Here are some additional developments we have planned for Remote Desktop Manager in 2020:

Remote Desktop Manager 2020.1 (estimated release: February)

  • Azure KeyVault credential type
  • Recording server support (DPS)
  • Autofill (Android)
  • Private key generator (multi key type support)
  • Hub read-only data source

Remote Desktop Manager 2020.2 (estimated release: June)

  • FTP/WebDav/Cloud explorer session recording
  • Private vault attachment (from database table)
  • Time-based access (per user)
  • Wayk console (dashboard)
  • Linux (preview)
  • Root dashboard with stats (my check outs, expiring sessions, and more)

Remote Desktop Manager 2020.3 (estimated release: October)

  • Linux (final release)
  • Simplified entry properties (easy mode)
  • Hashicorp credential entry
  • Centrify credential entry
  • Autofill (iOS)

Devolutions Password Server

Last year, we focused on evolving Devolutions Password Server into a solution that enabled users to integrate privileged access management (PAM) features, tools and standards into their organizations. This is critically important on today’s threat landscape, considering that an estimated 80% of data breaches now involve privileged credentials. Feedback from our community has been very positive, and we will definitely be adding more PAM elements to Devolutions Password Server in the coming months.

Here are some of the developments we have planned for Devolutions Password Server in 2020:

Password Server 2020.1 (estimated release: February)

  • Install and update with CLI
  • Improved attachment encryption (encryption.config)
  • Recording server
  • SQL Server reset password support
  • Desktop application (Windows, MacOS and Linux)
  • IE deprecated (replaced by desktop app)

Password Server 2020.2 (estimated release: June)

  • Simplified entry view
  • Encrypted documentation (optional sensitive pages)
  • User and administration dashboard
  • Synchronize server side (VMware, Hyper-V)
  • Devolutions Gateway

Password Server 2020.3 (estimated release: October)

  • Tor exit node validation
  • Docker support
  • Approval from Devolutions Authenticator

Devolutions Web Login

Devolutions Web Login is our free browser plugin for Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Password Server and Devolutions Password Hub. It enables users to securely inject passwords into websites using credentials stored in their vaults.

One of the biggest Devolutions Web Login developments planned for 2020 is to make it available as a standalone solution for single users. This means users will be able to connect to a secure vault directly within Devolutions Web Login (in addition to their secure vaults in Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Password Server and Devolutions Password Hub, if applicable). This also means that users can store their personal passwords in Devolutions Web Login and business passwords in our other solutions — all while enjoying the same familiar, efficient UX as they switch back and forth.

I would also like to note that this new standalone version of Devolutions Web Login will be 100% free and will always be free.

Here are some additional developments we have planned for Devolutions Web Login in 2020:

Web Login 2020.1 (estimated release: Q1)

  •  Devolutions Account Vault
  • Edge (Chromium) support

Web Login 2020.2 (estimated release: Q3)

  • Contact filler
  • Credit card filler
  • Dark theme
  • Native MacOS support

Wayk Now

A few years ago, when we launched our flexible, easy-to-use and lightweight remote desktop access solution Wayk Now, we had hoped it would be positively received in the IT community – especially since many products in the marketplace are either insecure or quite expensive and beyond the financial reach of many SMBs. Clearly, there was a great deal of pent-up demand for this kind of solution, and the future looks very bright.

This year (as mentioned earlier) we are working on tightening the integration between Wayk Now and Remote Desktop Manager. We will also be adding a feature that enables users to launch remote sessions directly from their browser. Plus, the Linux unattended mode should be available in early February.

Here are some additional developments we have planned for Wayk Now in 2020:

Wayk 2020.1 (estimated release: March)

  • PowerShell cmdlet – remote execution
  • Web based connection (WebAssembly) – preview

Wayk 2020.2 (estimated release: Q3)

  • RDP local session for Terminal support
  • MacOS unattended mode
  • Recording server support

Wayk Den

Wayk Den is our cloud service that supports peer-to-peer connectivity, so that users can access a remote computer outside of their network. Towards the end of 2020, we’ll be launching the on-premise version of Wayk Den. While the cloud version of Wayk Den is highly secure, we understand that some users need or want an on-premise solution. We will be posting progress updates in the months ahead. Please stay tuned.

Devolutions Password Hub

In October of last year, we officially released our new secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based password management solution for teams: Devolutions Password Hub. And then in November we introduced the Devolutions Password Hub desktop app. The feedback we’ve received so far on both the platform and the app have been extremely positive, and we have also received some excellent advice on how to make them both even better.

Here are some of the developments we have planned for Devolutions Password Hub in 2020:

Password Hub 2020.1 (estimated release: Q1)

  • Folders
  • Client-side encryption
  • Onboarding improvements
  • RDM integration

Password Hub 2020.2 (estimated release: Q3)

  • Dark theme
  • No master keys
  • Syslog (external audit)
  • Azure AD support (SCIM)
  • Tor exit node validation
  • Wayk web based

Devolutions HQ, Devo Talks & Trade Show Booth

In addition to our product developments, we will also be adding plenty of fresh, interesting and fun content to our popular vlog Devolutions HQ (hosted by the talented team of Yann and Jenny), and we will be featuring more experts on our Devo Talks podcast.

Plus, if you connect with us at a trade show, you will notice our brand-new booth! Max and the marketing team will be putting together a blog in the near future that takes you on a tour of the new booth and the various events we will be attending in 2020.

Thank You and Wishing You the Best in 2020

Our roadmap would not be complete without thanking you, on behalf of everyone at Devolutions, for your loyalty and trust. Serving our community means the world to us, as you inspire us to constantly improve. We never take your support for granted, and we never lose sight of the fact that without you, there wouldn’t be a roadmap, or products, or even a company.

So once again, thank you for a great 2019, and we wish you an amazing 2020. We expect this to be our BEST YEAR EVER, and we look forward to helping you Control the IT Chaos in your organization!