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[NEW RELEASE] Introducing Devolutions Password Hub, Our New Cloud-Based Password Manager for Teams

Here at Devolutions, one of our core values — and most important promises — is that we are always listening to our global community of IT pros. The reason for this is simple: if we don’t effectively serve the needs of our community, then we won’t exist. See? I told you it was simple!

The reason I mention this is that a little while ago, our community started telling us they weren’t fully satisfied with their current password management tools. Specifically, they told us they wanted a solution that had the following essential requirements:

  • Robust Enterprise Grade Security
  • Cloud-Based for Scalability and Accessibility
  • Managed and Controlled by IT Professionals
  • Easy-to-Use for Business (Non-Technical) Users
  • Full Auditing and Compliance Capabilities
  • Backed by Expert Support

Well, as you’ve hopefully come to expect from us: we listened, we learned, and after more than a year of planning, developing and testing — and more coffee and pizza than we care to remember — I am delighted to introduce you to the latest member of the Devolutions product family: Devolutions Password Hub (DPH)!

About Devolutions Password Hub

Devolutions Password Hub is a highly secure, flexible, and easy-to-use password management solution for team environments. It empowers organizations to simply and securely vault and manage business-user passwords and other sensitive information through a user-friendly web interface, which can be accessed via any browser.

With respect to the requirements that our community told us were essential:

  • Robust Enterprise Grade Security: Devolutions Password Hub is built with AES 256-bit encryption standards and data security best practices, such as a comprehensive role-based access control system, private cloud-based infrastructure, and two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Cloud-Based for Scalability and Accessibility: Devolutions Password Hub can be accessed through the cloud from any internet-enabled computer or device. This makes scaling in any direction rapid, easy and affordable, while ensuring 24/7/365 access from anywhere.
  • Managed and Controlled by IT Professionals: Devolutions Password Hub empowers administrators with total control to grant, change and restrict access. Administrators can also quickly and easily add, modify and remove users based on changing organizational needs and policies.
  • Easy-to-Use for Business (Non-Technical) Users: Devolutions Password Hub provides business users with a clean and intuitive interface, as well as easy-to-use tools to generate passwords, analyze passwords, and automatically log into websites and applications (with the Devolutions Launcher and Devolutions Web Login companion tools — more on these below).
  • Full Auditing and Compliance Capabilities: Devolutions Password Hub offers comprehensive logs and reports to monitor all privileged user activity, identify when users or roles have been modified, and capture all removed and deleted entries.
  • Backed by Expert Support: Devolutions Password Hub is backed by our in-house team of experts who know the solution inside and out — because they built it!

Devolutions Password Hub Companion Tools

As noted above, we have enhanced Devolutions Password Hub’s usability and security with two companion tools: Devolutions Launcher and Devolutions Web Login.

About Devolutions Launcher

Available for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile devices (Android & iOS), Devolutions Launcher is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that makes it fast and simple for users to launch remote sessions, giving administrators full control of whether credentials are revealed or hidden. Plus, in keeping with the latest security standards, all privileged account information is transmitted directly from Devolutions Password Hub’s password vault into the remote session through a secure API. Devolutions Launcher also works with Devolutions Password Server.

About Devolutions Web Login

Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge, Devolutions Web Login is an easy-to-install web browser plug-in tool that enables users to automatically connect to websites without needing to remember passwords. It also gives administrators full control over password management without impacting productivity. Devolutions Web Login also works with Devolutions Password Server and Remote Desktop Manager.

From Our CEO and Founder David Hervieux:

“In order to reduce the growing risks posed by insider threats and data breaches – and also to meet increasingly stringent audit and compliance requirements – organizations must keep critical assets secure, control and monitor sensitive information and privileged access, and vault and manage business user passwords. Yet at the same time, organizations must ensure that employees are productive and efficient. Devolutions Password Hub delivers the best of both worlds: robust enterprise-grade password management security and an intuitive and optimized user experience.”

Devolutions Universal Password and Access Management

Here is an overview of our suite of products — proudly including our newest solution, Devolutions Password Hub — so you can see how they work together to establish a comprehensive, integrated Universal Password and Access Management ecosystem across the organization:


Try Devolutions Password Hub

Control the IT chaos in your organization and experience the benefits of Devolutions Password Hub with a free 30-day trial (free Devolutions Account required). Click here to get started. And in case you need a reminder — though hopefully by now you don’t — we are always listening to you!

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