This week Jenny and Yann bring you a special "Back To School Edition" of Devolutions HQ.  We discuss 7 effective cybersecurity tips for students and families to help "Control the IT Chaos" both at home and at school.   All this, and a splash of YouTube humor in this week's episode of Devolutions HQ!  Don't forget to comment below and subscribe!

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1. Familiarize yourself with the school’s device policies - 2:08
2. Phishing Scams: The  new ‘stranger danger’ - 2:32
3. Teach them to save/backup projects and assignments - 3:13
4. Public Wi-Fi: Is it Private - 4:28
5. Educate them on password protection - 5:20
6. Have a frank talk about cyber responsibilities (Sharing Family Info/CyberBullying/All Data is Public) - 5:59
7. Use protection tools like antivirus & parental controls applications - 7:20