You know that feeling when you have some GREAT news — like you just got a promotion at work or bought a new car, and you can’t wait to tell your friends? Well, my dear Devolutions friends, I have some amazing news that I can’t wait to share with you: after many requests and lots of hard work from our engineers, session recording is now available in Wayk Now Enterprise!

About Session Recording

These days, more and more organizations are using session recording for a variety of purposes, such as audits, training, quality assurance, and compliance with various standards (e.g. HIPPA, PCI, etc.). Session recording is particularly helpful for Sysadmins and Help Desk Technicians in a few areas, including:

  • Quality of support: Troubleshooting can be complex and involve multiple steps. And then having to explain everything again to a manager or another colleague can be tedious and time consuming. With session recording, sessions can be easily shared for analysis and training purposes.
  • Transparency: Session recording enables detailed and comprehensive audit trails. Rather than getting a summary, sessions can be reviewed for compliance purposes, and to confirm key details like duration and what was covered.
  • Compliance: Companies that strive to become PCI or HIPPA compliant can use session recording to ensure they meet compliance requirements. Also keep in mind that our other products, such as RDM, DPS and Devolutions Hub, are designed to support compliance.
  • Knowledge base: Session recording is ideal for creating a knowledge base that can be used for training and coaching. Instead of giving new hires generic text-based scenarios, they can see actual, live support sessions to learn how to do things the right way.

Configuring Session Recording with Wayk Now

Session recording with Wayk Now Enterprise captures all activity on your screen within the timeframe you set. Videos are recorded in WebM/VP8 format, which can be read by most browsers and video players. Once the recording is complete, you can save your file locally and access it whenever you want. Here is how to set it up:

1. Launch Wayk Now Enterprise.

2. Click on the menu Wayk Now – Preferences.


3. Click on the Recording side menu, and then click Enable recording.

4. Select where your recording files will be saved by clicking Select folder and choosing your desired location. You can also select your recording video quality (the default setting is “medium”). Then click OK.


And that’s it! From that point forward, your sessions will be automatically recorded and saved.

Please let us know what you think of this feature. We’re always listening to you, and we rely on your feedback to make future improvements.