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[VIDEO] New Remote Desktop Manager Integration with Keeper®

One of Remote Desktop Manager's greatest characteristics is its ability to integrate with a wide variety of existing technologies, giving IT pros like you the power to control the IT chaos in your environment. Here at Devolutions, we love the challenge of integrating the tools you use every day, and at the same time, we really enjoy working with external vendors to make these integrations a reality for you.

With this in mind, one category of tool that we are very familiar with and especially love to integrate is password managers, because — let's be honest — storing passwords in an Excel spreadsheet is tedious, insecure, and SO 1998, like finding an AOL CD-Rom in the mail or Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It. But all joking aside, our biggest concern is that your credentials are safely stored. Whether you use one of our solutions like Devolutions Hub or Devolutions Password Manager, or another great password manager, our mission is to make sure your preferred password manager plays nice with our products.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Remote Desktop Manager is now fully integrated with Keeper, the excellent password manager from the good folks over at Keeper Security

. Working with the team over there has been a blast, and it has allowed us to expand the capabilities of RDM by offering you yet another excellent credential management solution. If you still haven't found a good password manager that works well with RDM, then I recommend checking out keeper

What Is Keeper?

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Keeper is a cloud-based password manager that takes away the complexity of managing passwords, and it provides you with a solution that is easy-to-use and also highly secured. It is designed with both users and teams in mind, and it features simple credential sharing, a secure chat system, and a browser extension for auto-filling credentials into websites. Keeper also offers enterprise-grade features like dark web monitoring, account takeover protection, and role-based access controls for organizations that need greater protection. For more information on what Keeper has to offer, visit their website at


Craig Lurey (CTO and Co-Founder of Keeper)

From Keeper Security’s CTO and Co-Founder, Craig Lurey

"Working with the people at Devolutions has truly been a pleasure, and we are excited about integrating Keeper with Remote Desktop Manager."

Thank you, Craig — and the feeling is mutual!

New Video Tutorial!

To make your life even easier, we’ve created a new video tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to integrate Remote Desktop Manager with Keeper.

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