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June Poll Results: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

The famous 19th century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said: “Look not mournfully into the past, it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present, it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.”

Those are indeed sage words, and we should take them to heart. The past is the past, and unlike the folks on Star Trek or Family Guy, we can’t turn back the clock and change anything (at least not yet). But…

Sometimes it’s helpful and even therapeutic to take a moment and reflect on our unique personal history, and to imagine what momentous career advice we would give our younger selves if we had the chance. That was the inspiration for June’s poll question, and as usual the responses from our community did not disappoint!

Your Advice

It seems there were five main types of advice that you would give to your younger selves if given the chance:

  1. Enjoy your life more, take nothing for granted and live each day to the fullest.
  2. Follow your heart and your intuition.
  3. Pursue your educational goals and stay in school.
  4. Make smart financial decisions — and avoid risky ones.
  5. Travel to discover other cultures and meet new people.

There were also some really wise suggestions that rivaled Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (at least in our humble opinion). Here is a sampling:

  • “Treat everyone you meet with respect and caring. Don't be so angry. Be patient, success will come with hard work.” — Dennis Robbins
  • “The path to success has mountains and valleys, but it all depends on how you react to the situation that truly defines you as a person.” – Logan Poe
  • "Enjoy being young. Once you grow up, there's no going back. No matter how hard you try!" — Cary Wagner

There were also some funny responses, like Johnny ~R’s commandment: “NEVER MARRY!!!!!” (we’re sorry to hear that Johnny…was the honeymoon good at least?). And we’re totally on board with Jonathan Cauthorn’s stock tips (if you had purchased $1,000 of Apple stock in 2002 it would be worth about $95,000 today).

If you haven’t had a chance to read all of the great responses, I recommend that you check them out. It could change your life!

The Winners Are…

This month’s winners of a $25 Amazon gift card are…may I have the envelope please…congratulations goes to Cary Wagner and Dennis Robbins! Please email me to collect your prize.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in June’s poll. You’ve given us a lot to think about and touched our hearts. Now get ready for the July poll, which will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

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