About 60 years ago, legendary rock group The Doors sang: “people are strange when you’re a stranger”. But you know what? When you’re a Sysadmin or other IT pro, sometimes end users are strange, even if they know you pretty well. Heck, they might even be related to you.

So that brings us to this month’s poll: what the strangest end user request you’ve ever received?

“Strange” requests could mean a whole host of things, such as:

  • Most memorable request
  • Most interesting request
  • Weirdest request
  • Most unique request
  • Funniest request (like on April Fools’ Day an end user begs you to get rid of the Nicholas Cage images that have taken over their computer!)
  • Most ridiculous request
  • Most outrageous request
  • Most unreasonable request
  • Nicest request (like maybe an end user was so grateful for your help that he or she gave you a card or gift…hey, it’s not common, but it can happen!)

Again, the choice is yours. And if you have a few strange stories to tell because you can’t choose just one, then that’s fine — share them all!

You Could Win

Just by participating in the poll, you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. We’ll announce the randomly-selected winners when we look at the results in early August. Thank you in advance for participating, and we look forward to reading your fun — and strange — responses!