This week in Devolutions HQ, I invited Mathieu Morrisette, one of our Security Analysts' here at Devolutions, to discuss the latest security analyst called BlueKeep.  Mat offers several tips on how to handle this issue and what measures we can put in place to protect ourselves.

What is BlueKeep? (0:33)
  - Bleeping Computer's Article on BlueKeep:
  - Microsoft's Announcement on BlueKeep:
What systems does it affect? (1:13)

Tips on what we can do to protect against this vulnerability (2:14)
- Tip #1 - Take inventory of your servers
- Tip #2 - Patch pre-Windows 8 machines
- Tip #3 - Disable unnecessary services
- Tip #4 - Place machines behind a VPN
- Tip #5 - Enable (NLA) Network Level Authentication

  - Link to The Department of Homeland Security's Article:
  - Link to The Internet Storm Center's Website:

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