This week in Devolutions HQ, we decided to film the episode outside. As IT people, we know that a lot of our work requires us to be in front of our computers, but that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy the beautiful outdoors as well! So we decided to do a special episode on the different measures Devolutions has put in place to become a little more eco-friendly. As a company, we not only want to provide exceptional products and services, we also want to be good stewards on how we take care of and treat our environment. So, here are 8 ideas that we have put in place to be more eco-friendly. What about you? What do in your office/business to be more eco-responsible? Share your comment for a chance to win our Devolutions Summer Bundle!

1 - Stainless Collapsible Straw to replace plastic straws [0:41]
2 - The Slush Geek Cup to replace plastic cups [2:02]
3 - Glass Containers to have water at desks [2:43]
4 - Water filter/Carbonated to ensure good water source and reduce bottles [3:21]
5 - Recycling Program to help reduce trash [3:55]
6 - Real dishes in a kitchen to eliminate paper plates, and cutlery [4:28]
7 - Electric Vehicle Friendly Parking for those who have electric vehicles [5:05]
8 - Bicycles for Travel to those getting lunch or running small errands during the day [5:34]

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