We have some great news! After months of hard work and testing, Devolutions Password Server 2019.1 is now available. There are many new features, improvements and enhancements to our on-premises privileged account management platform.

New Product Version Name

Before looking at what’s new, you might have noticed that we’ve changed the naming convention for DPS (along with all of our other products) from numbers to years. For example, this latest version is 2019.1 instead of 7.0.

This change makes things simpler and clearer for those of you who use legacy versions and want to ensure you have the latest version. We plan on releasing one major update per year, along with multiple sub-updates throughout the year that will be numbered accordingly. For example, the major update in 2019 is v2019.1, and the next sub-update will be v2019.2, followed by v2019.3…and so on.

What’s New

Devolutions Password Server 2019.1 features many changes! Here are some of the most notable:

  • DPS Console - New option in manage database to set pool size
  • DPS Console - Scheduler service is now optional when installing DPS
  • DPS - Add encryption key backup step after installing DPS
  • DPS Console - Remove every settings accessible in web
  • Web Admin - Added console settings in web interface: email
  • Web Admin - New value DNS Name in Server Settings
  • Web Admin - New PAM feature can be enabled- in Preview
  • Web UI - Renamed repository for vault
  • Web UI - Recent used entries is now in Search
  • Web UI - New search tools in Navigation with multi vault search options
  • Web UI - Change location of Vault selection drop-down
  • Private Vault credentials show where allowed

Important Fixes and Improvements:

  • Web - Assign users on Vault fix
  • Support nested groups for Active Directory and Azure cache
  • Execute permission respected when given through a role
  • Web- Credential Repository and Private Vault credentials show where allowed
  • And much more!

How to Get Devolutions Password Server 2019.1

If you currently use Devolutions Password Server in your organization, you can upgrade to 2019.1 by clicking here. Don't forget to also update Remote Desktop Manager to version RDM 2019.1. Make sure to get in touch with our Support Team. They will help you perform the upgrade in a remote session.

If you’re interested in learning more about Devolutions Password Server, please request a free trial or a live demo.

If you’re ready to add Devolutions Password Server to your organization, you can purchase a license here, and then download the console.

Send Us Your Feedback

Our team is already working on Devolutions Password Server 2019.2, and your feedback will help us make changes and improvements. You can submit feature requests in our forum, comment below, or send us an email. We’re always listening to you!