Every now and then, we all wish we had a time machine that would allow us to meet our younger self so we could share some really important advice. Stuff like “don’t eat that hot pepper” or “don’t get that tattoo”.

And that leads to our June poll question. This month, we’d like you to think back to when you started your career and share the ONE BIG THING that you would tell your younger self.

For those of you just starting your careers, your trip to the past might be only a few months or a couple of years. For others who have been in the trenches a while, you might have to think back decades.

Please note that the door is wide open for all kinds of responses. You can share a warning, something practical, something inspirational, something poignant, something funny…the choice is yours.

So, go ahead and step into your very own DeLorean time machine (don’t forget to check the flux capacitor!), set the time/date to when you first started your career, hit the gas pedal, and post your response below.

You Could Win

In addition to wreaking havoc with the space-time continuum (which is always fun), just by participating and sharing your wisdom, you’ll automatically have the chance to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. We’ll announce the randomly-selected winners and share the results early next month. Thanks in advance!