This week on Devolutions HQ, I invited Tim Warner (PluralSight technical author, PowerShell expert and Microsoft MVP) as a guest on the show to give us some pro tips on using PowerShell with Remote Desktop Manager to automate tasks and improve efficiency.

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Question #1 - How did you find out about Devolutions and Remote Desktop Manager? [2:01]
Question #2 - How do you use Remote Desktop Manager in your day-to-day tasks? [3:27]
Question #3 - What are some pro PowerShell tips that would be beneficial to RDM users? [5:10]
  - Initial RDM setup [7:15]
  - Examples of various PowerShell(CmdLets) [8:58]
  - Discovering properties using the Clipboard - Copy feature [16:40]
  - Working with RDM Sessions [19:06]
  - Data plane operations [24:05]
  - Installing remote software using the RDM agent [29:14]

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