This week in Devolutions HQ we talk about the exciting new features in the latest release of Remote Desktop Manager Free 2019.1,  as well as Jenny's blog on Session Recording and the amazing 50% sale we are having on Remote Dekstop Manager and Wayk Now for Geek Pride Day! Also, if you are in the Montréal area, come visit the Devolutions booth at NorthSec 2019 (May 16-17).

FEATURED BLOG - Session Recording in Remote Desktop Manager [0:25]

DEVOLUTIONS NEWS - Remote Desktop Manager Free 2019.1 [1:25] 
Release Notes:
 - Added SSH session recording
 - Added advanced search
 - Added batch edit
 - Added Black theme UI
 - Added credential entries
 - Added credential links and inheritance
 - Added Cryptocurrency Cold Storage entry type
 - Added Dropbox data source
 - Added macro/script/tools
 - Added playlist
 - Added Smart Folder feature
 - Added template support

Major UI improvement with SVG images
  - Scene from Aladdin [2:02] - Copyright Disney Aladdin 1992

UPCOMING EVENTS - NorthSec Montréal [3:42]

TECHNOLOGY NEWS - Geek Pride Week (May 20-25) [4:18]
Devolutions is offering:
  - 50% Off Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise
  - 50% Off Wayk Now Enterprise
  - 50% Off RDM & Wayk Now Bundle,1
PROMO CODE: GeekPrideDay2019

Scene from Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens - Copyright LucasFilm 2015 [4:37]

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