Over the past year, interest in Wayk Now has skyrocketed. Since January, the average number of simultaneously connected users has increased by a whopping 300%. Of course we’re thrilled and grateful for this level of support!

Currently, we are working on the next major release, which will be version 3.5. However, to thank all of you Wayk Now fans for your loyalty and feedback, I’m happy to announce that version 3.2 is now available! Here is what you can look forward to:

  • New: Support for GFWX graphics codec (more on this below)
  • New: List of unattended machines in the online dashboard (more on this below)
  • New: Login support with Devolutions Cloud account
  • New: Initial remote inventory generation with siquery
  • New: Support for unique ID in wayk:// protocol handler
  • Disabled: UAC prompt by default on Windows
  • Reduced: Usage of TCP sockets for IPC in Windows
In addition, you’ll find that version 3.2 is more stable thanks to some key fixes, including a fix to possible update issues after a screen resize, and a fix to possible crashing when connecting to remote machines located in China. You can download Wayk Now 3.2 here.

Feature Spotlight

Here is a closer look at two of the most exciting new features in version 3.2: GFWX graphics codec support, and a list of unattended machines in the online dashboard.

  • GFWX Graphics Codec Support

You asked and we delivered: Wayk Now 3.2 now integrates the GFWX codec! The codec that was originally in C++ has been rewritten in Rust. In fact, we made it open source, so anybody can access it and contribute. You will find the Rust version on GitHub here.

If you’re not a technical specialist and are wondering what all of this means to you: BETTER SPEED AND PERFORMANCE. This is especially noticeable if you use Wayk Now in High Quality Mode.

  • List of Unattended Machines in the Online Dashboard
Wayk Now 3.2 Screenshot

As you’ve experienced, when you visit https://dashboard.wayk.net/ to access your dashboard, you’ll find all of the machines that are linked to your Devolutions’ account.

Now in version 3.2, you can both launch sessions and see what’s connected at a glance, including unattended access sessions. Launching a session via the dashboard instantly opens the Wayk Now app – and to save you time and effort, the correct ID information will be automatically entered for you.

On-Premise Wayk Den Update

In addition to version 3.5, our team is working on the on-premise version of Wayk Den, so that you can access remote computers outside of your network. The expected launch date is towards the end of the year. While the cloud version of Wayk Den is highly secure, we understand that some users need or want an on-premise solution.

Tell Us What You Think

Please share your feedback by commenting below, posting in our forum, or emailing us. We’re always listening to you and will use your input to make Wayk Now and Wayk Den even better. And by the way, if you haven’t requested your free loveable plush Wayk Now mascot “Waykee”, then let me know and I’ll hook you up!