On Game of Thrones, people dread when “winter is coming”. But here on Game of Devolutions, when spring rolls around we happily proclaim that Geek Pride Day discounts are coming!

We Are the Geeks on the Wall

From May 20 to May 25 — yes, the full week! — we’re offering reduced prices for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise single user licenses and Wayk Now Enterprise one-year subscriptions. This is our way of saying thanks and showing our gratitude to the most important people in our world: YOU, our geeky community. We’ll be posting the discounted prices and links in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Spread the News

If you already have a Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise license and/or a subscription to Wayk Now Enterprise (now with unattended access), then please share this news with your network so they can take advantage of the savings. Geeks who help other geeks save money are the heroes we need.

More Fun on the Way

Geek Pride Day — which is one of the most sacred occasions on the geek calendar alongside May the Fourth and SysAdmin Appreciation Day — will be full of festivities here at Devolutions, as we’ll be also be sharing a fun new quiz to test whether you’re a world-class geek. Stay tuned!