This week we have Jessica in the studio to give us some great tips on how to manage and use vaults like a pro in Remote Desktop Manager. Want more tips and tricks?  Let us know what you would like to see in an upcoming video in the comments below!

VAULT TIP #1: Organization [0:55]
 - Separating Vaults [1:30]
 - Moving Entries Between Vaults [2:52]
   - King Julian singing We Like to Move it Move it from Madagascar Video:
 - Marie Kondo Video: What Sparks Joy  [3:48]

VAULT TIP #2: Simplifying Security [4:20]
 - Setting Offline Permissions [5:00]

VAULT TIP #3: Using Role-Based Access Controls [5:37]
 - Assigning Active Directory Members to Vaults [5:56]
 - Managing Specific Permissions by Roles [6:18]
 - Assigning Vault Managers [6:42]

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