In this episode of Devolutions HQ, I interview Martin Haller, CEO of Patron-IT, a MSP company in the Czech Republic.  Martin shares his favorite features along with how they use Remote Desktop Manager and Devolutions Password Server in their IT organization.

Question 1: How did you hear about our product, and what were the reasons for switching? [0:43]

Question 2: How was the overall transition to Remote Desktop Manager and Devolutions Password Server from your previous solution? [1:49]

Question 3: What improvements in productivity did you see after you started using the Devolutions products? [5:15]

Question 4: Besides 2-factor authentication, what other security features were important for you? [6:27]

Question 5: What other tools does your team use on a daily basis? [8:58]

Question 6: What are some of your favorite features that you use in Remote Desktop Manager? [9:33]

Question 7: Any final thoughts you want to share with other RDM pro users? [17:29]

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