Great news everyone! After many months of hard work and testing, Devolutions Password Hub (DPH) beta is finally here! To be among the first people in the world to try DPH, please email our team. We’ll send you an invitation code, and you’ll be able to create your vault here.

What Is Devolutions Password Hub?

As our CEO David highlighted in the Devolutions 2019 Road Map, DPH is our brand-new cloud-based password manager for both technical and non-technical teams. It is a far more powerful, versatile and functional alternative to Password Vault Manager (read more about changes to PVM here).

DPH’s intuitive and user-friendly web interface lets you easily manage, modify and share privileged, business and personal passwords, as well as sensitive data like credit card information, alarm codes, software keys, and so on.  Everything is stored in a secure vault that is protected using the strongest encryption standard (AES-256).

We Need Your Feedback

Releasing a new product is a lot of work, but it’s always an exciting event. It takes planning, preparation, lines and lines of code, testing, and hunting down bugs. It also takes feedback from valued users like you who tell us what you like, what you don’t, and what needs to be changed or fixed.  And if we’re unaware of a problem, we’ll do our best to find a solution — as was demonstrated by the “Tale of the 1-star Review”.

Again, you can request your DPH code by emailing our team. Thank you in advance for participating in the beta program, and we look forward to helping you increase security, efficiency and compliance across your teams.