Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 (aka 15) has arrived! Our team has been working hard for several months to get RDM 2019.1 ready! You can now try it by joining the beta!

Remote Desktop Manager 2019.1 Beta comes with many new features, such as:

  • Complete UI relooking (SVG)
  • Black theme
  • Session recording – RDP, ARD, Wayk and VNC (SQL Server and mySQL) for now; coming soon for all data source types
  • Smart folders
  • 2FA (Google Auth, Microsoft Auth) for 1Password Web
  • Multi-vault search
  • VPN Link option to open a VPN depending on OS
  • VNC vino's auth (TLS)
  • Many UI improvements

Please note that this is a major update and it requires a database update. Please backup your database before installing this Beta for maximum safety. This update is backward compatible with our current stable version (14.1.3) of SQL Server and Devolutions Password Server.

Changing Product Version Names

If you’re wondering why we’re referring to this latest release as “version 2019.1” instead of “version 15”, here is the reason:

As our CEO David shared last month in his annual 2019 Road Map, we have decided to switch our product version naming format from numbers to years. This is to make things simpler and clearer for those of you who use legacy versions and want to confirm whether your RDM version is up to date.

We also plan on releasing one major update per year, along with multiple sub-updates throughout the year that will be numbered accordingly. For example, the major update in 2019 is v2019.1, and the next sub-update will be v2019.2, followed by v2019.3…and so on. We’ll do the same thing again next year, and every year after that. Again, the goal is to make things simpler for all of you.

Join the Beta

You can download the Beta and try Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise 2019.1 now by downloading RDM 2019.1 Beta here. Please let us know if you’re facing any issues via our forum or on our blog in the comment section below! Again, thank you for your constant feedback and for being such an awesome community. We look forward to hearing from you!