Last month, we asked you to let us know whether your organization is using session recording – along with an explanation for why it is or why it isn’t. It turns out the overwhelming majority of you are not using session recording in your organization. Here are some of the reasons:

·       Privacy Concerns

Chris Reddy, Gunnar Brynjólfsson and !BRNDMG cited privacy concerns as the main reason they are not using session recording in their organization.

·       Don’t Need It

bjornbul, Matt, Tommy Boucher, Nejc and Daniele Comelli all mentioned that they simply don’t need session recording in their organization at this time.

·       Too Small

Jonathan Ralph and Éric Garneau noted that their IT department is too small at this time to justify implementing session recording.

·       Security Concerns

Vinot Nicolas felt that, in addition to being pointless, recording admins’ sessions (at final state) posed security concerns. Here is what he wrote: “In a large organization (160,000 users) we had a long, long discussion about this matter. To record admins’ sessions is (at final state) useless and could add additional security breaches. Even with password system recognition and obfuscation, these do not detect passwords in command lines or scripts efficiently. Then all collected passwords are centralized to a video database. This database is maintained by admin teams and read by audit teams (which can be an external auditor).”

·       Not a Priority

Thomas Higgins noted that, “I think the reason we do not [use session management] is because my current employer is very reactive and still fighting fires rather than being more proactive.” Good luck Thomas! You may want to help your boss understand that session recording is not just about detecting external hackers. It can also prevent insider threats and convince would-be rogue users not to try and access unauthorized data, apps or areas of the network. Of course, there may be privacy and security concerns as well that offset this advantage.

+1 YES

The no vote wasn’t unanimous — thanks to Brent Quick, whose organization is using session recording for live/attended support sessions. However, they are not using it for unattended sessions, because their platform doesn’t support it.

The Winners Are…

I’d like to thank all of you who participated in the poll. And now, to announce the two randomly selected winners of a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Gunnar Brynjólfsson and Iva! Please email me at to claim your prize.

And please stay tuned everyone – the March poll is on its way!