Before we get to January’s poll results, I wanted to invite you all to join me in a stroll down memory lane….

Recently, I came across something interesting: our very first poll ever, from way back in 2012. That was when we were all singing Royals by Lorde, and watching The Hunger Games.

That first poll was written by the one and only Max Trottier, who is now our VP of Sales and Marketing. Back then, Devolutions was still a fairly small company, and Max was in charge of pretty much everything to do with promotions, communications, marketing, and writing blog posts (so basically, he was a Swiss Army Knife who did it all!).

In order to generate engagement with our community, Max started asking questions about various IT topics. The response was great, and so he decided to ask a new question each month. Well, that got the ball rolling, and we’ve been putting up a poll every month since then! It’s part of our tradition, and something we enjoy doing and look forward to.

Now, let’s return to our regularly scheduled programming: the January Poll Results.

 “The 92%”

As I mentioned in the poll question, 92% of people fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. I must say that after reading your great responses, I hope that all of you will be part of the 8% who finds success this year!

It was nice to see that so many of you are striving to get healthier, eat better, meditate, spend more time with family, and procrastinate less. Perhaps every now and then we will offer some tips on our blog that relate to these very important lifestyle goals. Gustavo Cabrera even plans on running a 10k marathon. Wow — let us know how things go, Gustavo!

It was also interesting to see that some of you have totally given up on the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. Tommy Boucher shared his perspective: “New Year’s Resolutions should be called ‘January objectives’ since most people won't make it thru the month! Don't wait for the New Year to try and be better. It's an everyday challenge!”

We also applaud Kirsten B’s goal of becoming a better cook so she can save money and lose weight. Just be careful that you don’t reward yourself for making a nice healthy meal of steamed broccoli and brown rice by eating a container of ice cream at 3:00 am like I would do…!

Before announcing the poll winners, I also want to shine the spotlight on the hilarious response from FFrourner, who says that he is going to “stop being so nice to people; they usually don't deserve it.” That may indeed be true my friend, but sometimes what nasty and mean people need the most is for someone to be nice to them (but other times they just need to be voted off the island!).

The Winners

I hope that all of you who made resolutions achieve them this year, because that will make you a real winner! But for now, let’s reveal the two randomly selected winners of a $25 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Jonathan Ralph and Kristen B! Please send me an email at to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for the February poll coming soon.