Now that we’re past making New Year’s Resolutions for our personal lives, we can focus on resolutions that we need to make for work. And for most of you (or probably all of you), your focus this year will be on security, security and more security.

Talking About Security

Devolutions is currently focusing on offering session recording within our solutions including very efficient compression and playback features. Why? Because session recording offers many advantages to IT professionals -  including archiving recorded sessions for audit purposes in addition to training for internal staff. By recording and archiving sessions to privileged accounts, IT departments can access them at any time to confirm what has been done.

Is your organization using session recording to capture and monitor user activity?

If your answer is YES, then please share why you use session recording. Do you find it useful and effective? Are you satisfied with your current tool (or tools) or do you plan on upgrading in the near future? Was it easy or difficult to convince your boss (and maybe your end users as well) to support the concept?

If your answer is NO, then please share why you haven’t implemented session recording. For example, you may have run into technical issues in the past such as sessions failing to record, problems with your communication protocol, components failing to connect, and so on.

Participate and WIN!

Simply by sharing whether your organization uses session recording or not — and more importantly, why or why not — you’ll be automatically entered to win one of two $25 Amazon gift cards. Good luck!