Hopefully you work with great co-workers who help you achieve work-related tasks and goals, while also making the work experience more fun — whether it’s having lunch together, discussing geeky topics like Start Trek and Star Wars, performing epic April Fool’s Day pranks, and so on.

However, even the most considerate and generous co-worker can have a bad day and won’t be there for you when you need help (or someone to play foosball with). That’s where modern robots enter the picture. Unlike Marvin the Paranoid Android, they are always there for you, no matter what. In my view, here are the 5 robots that everybody dreams of working with:

1.      Waymo

Waymo is the perfect co-worker to carpool with because a self-driving car is always willing to drive while you catch up on your favorite TV shows, get some work done, or catch up on sleep! Sure, Waymo isn’t very talkative. But is that such a bad thing? Sometimes in the morning you just want peace and quiet before you face a busy day at work.

2.      Cafe X

Now that you’ve arrived at work, it’s time for your morning coffee. Thankfully, Cafe X is always willing to make coffee for everyone. You simply place your order from your phone and then pick it up. It’s always made fresh and perfect, just the way you like it (and unlike Starbucks, Cafe X doesn’t get your name wrong!).

3.      BeamPro

Picture thus: it’s 10am and you have a big meeting with all the Sysadmins from locations around the world. In the past, you would be dreading this because, well, you know how online meetings can go. But today, you’re feeling inspired and energized, and it’s all thanks to BeamPro. With BeamPro’s telepresence robots, it’s like your remote co-workers are right there with you in the office. They can hear, talk, move around, and even see what’s happening in the meeting. It totally changes the dynamics of online meetings and makes them so much more interactive and productive.

4.      Creator’s Burger Bot

You’ve raced through the morning and your stomach is grumbling, saying: FEED ME. But you’re bored with ordinary sandwiches, and you can’t stomach another trip to the vending machine to fill your body with additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, and a bunch of stuff that would probably kill a plant. Well, why not enjoy a delicious burger cooked to perfection by Creator’s Burger Bot? This AI gourmet is an engineering marvel, and its’ meals look like they taste even better than Bob’s Burgers. Right now you have to live in San Francisco to enjoy this technology, but one day soon it might be available everywhere. I can hardly wait!

5.      Tapster

So you’ve had lunch at Creator’s, and now you’re back at work testing a mobile app — which, let’s face it, can be pretty boring. Well, not anymore! Tapster is always willing to help you test your mobile apps. It automates testing on different devices, which means you don’t have to spend time doing it manually. Plus, every time you change a line of code, you can tell Tapster to test it again. He never gets tired, complains, or beats your high score at pinball.

Your Turn…

OK, there are some things these robots can’t do. But hey, we’re just getting started here and there is plenty of room for improvement. So tell us: what robot or robots would you love to work with? Or if the robot of your (work) dreams doesn’t exist yet, what would it be able to do for you? Please comment below!