In this episode of Devolutions HQ, I have a chance to talk to David Grandolfo, one of our Service Desk Advisors here at Devolutions. I invited him because I knew his extensive sysadmin and IT background, would make a great opportunity to give you all some practical RDM pro-user power tips. Plus, David is one of our premiere Remote Desktop Manager experts and he really knows his stuff! A great episode to help you "Control the IT Chaos.”


TIP #1 - Using Colors as a Visual Cue [1:04]

TIP #2 - Using Scripts for Everyday Tasks [3:16]

- What a REAL power shell looks like? [5:03]

TIP #3 - Daily Playlists While You Brew Your Coffee :-) [5:13]

- Jacob's Ladder: 500 kV Switch Opening [6:51]

- Watch more training videos [7:16]  

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