This week, we treat you to a special tour of the Devolutions offices near Montreal in our beloved little town of Lavaltrie! We are hosting our very own hackathon, where our teams are creatively collaborating to improve our products and services with a fun, team building challenge. Many of the projects are just prototypes or concepts, so we can't promise that they will become a reality. But if they do, don't worry, you will be the first to know which one's actually become a reality.


Leaving the Studio [1:10]
Entering the Offices [2:00]
Administrative Offices [2:20]
Marketing Team [2:37]
Project 1 - Facial Recognition [3:08]
Quality Assurance Team [3:25]
Project 2 - Presence Manager [3:36]
Project 3 - Simplified Launcher [4:32]
Project 4 - Improve Wayk [5:43]
Project 5 - Centralized E-Mail system [6:13]
Pinball Room [6:19]
Project 6 - Command-Line Interface [7:00]
Project 7 - Gathering User Analytics [7:18]
Project 8 - Barcode Scanning [8:02]
Project 9 - Interface Keychain API [8:32]
Lunch Time [8:57]
Project 10 - Unifying Widget Tool [9:22]
Project "Company of Heroes"? [10:07]

Enjoy the tour!

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